Jill Goodwin

Second Edition

Jill Goodwin, an experimental dyer for over fifty years and well respected for her knowledge of dye plants and her work with woad, published A Dyer’s Manual in 1982.

Despite 2 reprints it became unavailable until 2003 when, following many requests it was  produced again, in a softback edition, by  Ashmans Publications so her enthusiasm and interest can be shared with a new generation of dyers.

 Contents include……

 Fibres        Mordants      Dyeing with weeds 

Dyes from the garden      Test Dyeing

Indigo     Woad      Weld     Madder       Lichens

Ancient Dyes

 An extensive chart of plants and the

colours they give with different mordants

Dyeing with natural materials is fun, fascinating and full of surprises.  Enjoy it.

When using bought mordants:

  •         Read the instructions
  •         Wear rubber gloves
  •         Use sparingly
  •         Dispose of spent material sensibly 
  •         elf bar

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